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Overseas Family Daycation under $150

Have the overseas family trip while staying close to home.

The suggestion of a family day out can sometimes be met with a collective sigh followed by a “how much is this going to cost me”. But, memorable experiences with your loved ones don’t always have to be a bank breaker.

The joy in scaling back our experiences can open the door to shared opportunities you may never have had.

So here is an overseas Family Daycation under $150.

An unforgettable experience.

The ferry ride from Sorrento to Queenscliff is the perfect starter for a unique family day trip. Kids adore the trip across, whether it’s the experience of being on a larger-than-life boat, or the spotting of dolphins. The 45 minute trip across the bay flies by as a memory is created that the kids will surely hold onto.

For adults, the ferry trip can be a fountain of youth when viewed through the lens of children. The ability to share amazement and appreciation of the little things we take for granted is a blessing we aren’t offered regularly.

$74.00 for a return Family ticket doesn’t hurt the hip pocket when exchanged for a unique family adventure.


View the town from all angles.

Once stepping foot back onto dry land it's time to explore the quaint township of Queenscliff. Leaving the ferry it’s a short walk to the Queenscliff harbour. The boardwalk is lined with boutique shops, cafes, and luxury yachts, before leading you to the hero, the 360 tower.

A 40-meter tall tower with a 360-degree observatory at the top allows you to see across the township, swan bay, and Port Phillip out to the Heads. The kids will love the climb up and can learn about the area from the interactive interpretation at the summit.

Enlightening, entertaining and enriching.

Queenscliff is steeped in rich wartime history and has fascinating stories to tell. These stories are best heard from the volunteers at the Queenscliff Fort.

One of the largest and best-preserved forts in the country it offers breath taking views and rich cultural learnings about a bygone era. As the tour draws to a close after many interesting stories you are taken into a bunker where kids (and adults if they choose) can dress up and re-enact life at Queenscliff fort in an interactive environment.

The tour concludes at the museum gallery where you can read more stories, view artifacts, and purchase souvenirs if you wish.

$38 for a family tour is a small price to pay for an enriching educational experience.


A classic town with a modern twist.

From the fort, a walk down to the main street is a small step back in time. With much of the original architecture still intact it transports you back to a more simple time.

However, while the aesthetics of the main street may be from another era the businesses that occupy the buildings are of a modern, chic mould with art galleries, restaurants, and homeware shops.

Lunch on the beach.

Heading back towards the ferry make sure to grab your lunch at RORO Café on the Beach. Located right next to the ferry terminal it’s as close to the water and beach you can get to have a bite to eat.

With a menu that serves both traditional fare and Mexican style cuisine, there are enough options to satisfy the whole family while keeping an eye on your budget.

Feed the family from the take away menu for under $40 and take it to the beautiful sandy beach a few feet away to dine as you watch the waves roll into shore.

After a full belly of eating on the beach, you can saunter the short walk back to the ferry as you peacefully let the ferry sail you home.


Add an overseas trip to your next Daycation?