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The best accommodation in Victoria and it’s FREE!

Why stay anywhere else?

You know that feeling after a long holiday of longing to be in your own bed? It's as if the mattress wraps its arms around you and says, "welcome home buddy, I missed you". 

Well, we have found the perfect accommodation for you on your next Victorian vacation and, best of all, it’s completely FREE*.

This local accommodation is custom suited to your every desire.

Imagine this...

Relax in the carefully arranged lounge area that suits every need. The Feng shui offers a familiar feel, providing a sense of calm and safety. The lounge suites have been precisely crafted to your body shape and size; carving out a groove that lets you sink into comfort.

The self-contained kitchen has been designed in a way that is in tune with your cooking style. You will find all appliances and utensils in an instinctive location, whilst the fridge and pantry will be stocked with the exact items of your preference.

No worrying about forgetting your toothbrush as your pearly whites will be well looked after with the bathroom vanities full of toiletries matched to your liking. The toilet will be a throne your highness will happily sit on for hours.

As for the boudoir; well, as mentioned earlier, it's all about the familiarity here. The bed provides that feel that will have you making snow angels and rolling around saying those famous last words, "I'm so glad to be home".

Where is this magical place?

Well, this scarily personal accommodation is where your internal compass will always lead you. Thats right the place you call your castle, tu casa, where your heart lives...your home!*

Vacations don't always have to be in fancy accommodation far from home, make your next holiday a daycation and you can enjoy some of the best bits of a trip away while staying close to home and sleeping in your own bed.

*Full disclosure, this form of accommodation will require you to clean, cook, do laundry, make the bed and pay the bills..... so, you may still want to go ahead and book accommodation at some of the fabulous places on offer in our beautiful state.

Where do you want to go on your next Daycation?

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