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Searoad Ferries Membership Cards are Pre-Loaded with dollar value.
They can be used for all forms of ferry travel and are valid at any time.searoad-web-membership-table2018

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Membership Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Use for Searoad Ferries Membership

1. The Membership Card must be carried by the card holder at all times when travelling.

2. The Membership Card is valid from the date of ‘activation’ for a period of 12 months.

3. The Membership Card can be renewed for a further 12 months on review of the annual spend.

The fees for participation in the Membership program are listed above. Members must spend the

minimum annual spend in 12 months to avoid paying the annual account fee which is calculated

at 10% of the unspent annual minimum.

4. If a secondary card or duplicate cards are required a $5.00 card fee per card issued is payable.

5. Report lost or stolen cards to Searoad Ferries immediately. If a card is lost or stolen and a

replacement card is required a $5.00 card fee is payable.

6. The Card remains the property of Searoad Ferries and is not to be used by anyone other than

the account holder/s. It cannot be sold, nor is it redeemable for cash or able to be used with any

other offer.

7. The Membership discount is not applicable to Return Travel Discounted Fares, Package Deals and

Special Fares or is able to be used with any other offer.

8. Searoad Ferries reserve the right to refuse, cancel or suspend a pass due to any breach of the

Company terms and conditions which are governed by the laws in force in the State of Victoria.

9. Searoad Ferries may collect and use personal information in line with our company

privacy policy.

10. All funds loaded into a membership account are deemed as pre-purchased travel and all funds

credited to an account become the property of Searoad Ferries. There are no refunds on any

funds loaded onto a member card account.

11. Searoad Ferries may, in its absolute discretion, at any time; alter any fees, change these terms

and conditions, discounts and values contained in this guide.

12. Any decision relating to the membership program by Searoad Ferries is final and binding.

13. No correspondence will be entered into.