Port Phillip Bay Ferry
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The Sights

Sailing Beautiful Port Phillip Bay

Melbourne's large and sheltered bay covers some 1,930 square kilometres, that's 35 times larger than Sydney Harbour!   The shoreline stretches roughly 264 km and is dotted with seaside villages, pristine beaches and seaside suburbs.  Shaped like a horseshoe, the ferry crosses the southern tip of the bay, sailing between Sorrento and Queenscliff.

Passing by spectacular scenery, where the bay meets the ocean and sandy beaches meet cliff tops.

Bay Wildlife

The bay is home to various wildlife including seals, gannets, dolphins and migratory whales. Victoria's unique bottlenose dolphins are permanent residents of Port Phillip Bay and can be spotted from the vessel often putting on a show!  During winter Humpback and Southern Right whales visit the Bay as they migrate down the coast.

Queenscliff Harbour

Queenscliff Harbour is a modern marina precinct lined with retail and dining experiences. Whether you’re watching the orange Pilot boats coming and going or checking out the luxury yachts berthed, it's a pretty spot to perch. Take in the spectacular scenery from the observation tower with 360 degree views, easily accessed by a lift or stairs. 

Queenscliff Lighthouses

The unique black lighthouse, one of only three in the world, stands guard on the approach into Queenscliff. Situated in the grounds of the historic Fort Queenscliff it is known as the High Light, whilst a second 'white' lighthouse is called the Low Light. Together they guide ships through the notoriously dangerous entrance to Port Phillip.

The Heads

As you look out to sea, you can view the only entrance point into Port Phillip Bay.  The entrance, known as the "Heads" is 3.05 km apart, however, the reefs on either side restrict the navigable channel to about 300 metres.  In the early 19 century many groundings and wrecks occurred as mariners attempted the passage through the "Heads".  Today, the Sea Pilots help guide ships through this dangerous entrance to the bay.

Point Nepean

The Point Nepean National Park is a mix of beautiful landscape and rich history situated at the southern tip of the Mornington Peninsula. There is a range of scenic walks and bike paths visitors can explore, and an array of historic buildings that served various purposes during the early history of Victoria. Point Nepean also offers some of the best views across to Queenscliff and out the Heads. Visit website


Queenscliff's charm is in the setting - surrounded by water and connected by a land bridge, it offers unmatched views across the bay. This seaside village is both eclectic and charming. Art galleries, cafes & shops have bought the historic buildings to life offering a touch of yesteryear with a modern feel.  Wide streets, water glimpses at every turn, a cliff top park and modern harbour precinct makes this town a 'must see' when visiting the Bellarine Peninsula.

Pope's Eye

Pope’s Eye, looks like an atoll but is actually the uncompleted foundation for an island fort intended to defend the entrance to Port Phillip. It is now a nesting ground to Australasian Gannets and is the bay's number one snorkelling and diving spot. Looking like it belongs in a tropical reef, the inside of the ‘eye’ is only about 2 m deep, a beautiful azure blue with a soft, sandy bottom.  Check out the life under and above water web cams of  Popes Eye Reef Cam


South Channel Fort

Visible near Sorrento, South Channel Fort is an artificial island built in the 1880's as part of a network of fortifications protecting the narrow entrance to Port Phillip Bay.  It is now a popular diving site and breeding ground to the White-faced Storm-petrel and home to other species visiting the island including Little Penguins, Black-faced Cormorants and Australian Fur Seals.

Millionaire's Row

The cliff top mansions of Portsea are clearly visible as the ferry hugs the coastline of the Mornington Peninsula.  Known as Melbourne’s ‘playground’ and a preferred holiday destination for the rich and famous, Portsea sits between Pt Nepean and Sorrento.  Glide by the private jetties, beach boxes and sandy beaches that dot the edge of the water.




Sorrento is a beautiful village that sits above the crescent-shaped white, sandy beach and historic pier.  The shallow waters are perfect for swimming and there is fishing from the pier.  The town has retained much of its heritage in the form of the historic limestone buildings that line the main street and can be seen from the edge of the water. The main street is lined with stylish boutiques, cafes, galleries and shops and just a short walk from the ferry.