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What is a daycation?

Exactly what you need right now.

What is a daycation? It is probably the most precise term to articulate how Victorians will be holidaying in 2021. Day trip, micro holiday, a day out, road trip, quick getaway, whatever you like to call it, it will be the new trend in Victorian tourism.

Gone are the days of planning for months the dream vacation or the yearly holiday, for a daily press conference, can throw everything into disarray. This however doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the couples getaway, the food and wine retreat, or family adventure; you just have to think differently about how to get that fix.

A range of benefits.

A daycation has a huge list of benefits that make it the perfect remedy to touring in a Covid-19 world.

Remaining flexible
Trips can be planned, cancelled, or rescheduled almost last-minute taking the anxiety out of what should be a joyous time.

Save on accommodation costs, save on food and pack a picnic or save your annual leave and schedule the one day trip for your rostered day off.

Close to home
We have seen the need to get back to your place of residence in a hurry. A daycation allows you to always remain close to home while having great experiences. Don't get left stranded.

Supporting your communities
We all know a lot of establishments are recovering from 2020, we can all do our bit by supporting them with our patronage during this unique time.

How to Daycate effectively

We have put together some tips on how to maximise your next daycation!

Less time Driving:
One key is to make sure you don’t waste valuable hours in the day behind the wheel. If you want to head to somewhere that feels miles from home, jump on the ferry and take the shortcut overseas across the bay. Get out of the car and enjoy the beautiful scenery while having a hot coffee or a cold wine or beer and Searoad Ferries will take the wheel allowing you more time doing. 

More time Doing:
Make sure to plan your activities close together. Heading to the Peninsula Hot Springs on the Mornington Peninsula? Stop at St Andrew's Beach Brewery for lunch just around the corner. Or are you heading to Adventure Park in Geelong? Stop across the road at Flying Brick Cider House for a bite to eat. Cramming as many memories as possible into your day ensures it feels like a real holiday.

More than One:
Don’t just plan one daycation…plan lots of them. When organising a 2 or 3 week holiday you plan daily excursions while based in your accommodation away from home, treat daycating no differently, just use your house as the start and end point as opposed to your hotel room.

It's not forever, but it is for now. A daycation is exactly what you need as we work our way back to being able to have the extended holiday interstate and abroad. 

Don’t forget that your ticket for the ferry is fully transferable and can be changed to any day should you be unable to make it!    

Where do you want to go on your next Daycation?

Add an overseas trip to your next Daycation?