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Why the ferry is an integral part of your next daycation

Make a great day trip greater!

“Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.”

- Peter Drucker

Time is arguably the most valuable commodity on any good holiday, making sure you maximise every last second fitting in all the things you wish to see and do. When it comes to day trips its no different, time can be as much on your side as it is against you. You have all the time in the world to plan as many daycations as you wish, but you have a finite time, a day, for each individual trip.

But that’s where the Ferry trip between Sorrento and Queenscliff can be a saving grace in allowing you to traverse this great state while spending less time driving and more time doing.

Below are some of the reasons why we think the Ferry should be included in your next day trip.

What we connect

Searoad ferries connects two of the most unique and diverse locations Victoria has to offer. 

The Mornington Peninsula with its magnificent Port Phillip beaches, high end village shopping districts or world class wine region & hinterland and the Bellarine & Surf Coast offers world renowned surf beaches, breath taking coastlines or its growing, trendy food and wine culture. 

The ability to see both regions in a day involves a lot of time behind a wheel with no guarantee on traffic conditions; adding stress, anxiety and ultimately less time to enjoy all the experiences both regions have to offer.

An experience in and of itself

While feedback suggests the ferry ticks all boxes you’d expect as in its reliability, cleanliness & safety it is comments like “Its an investment in our sanity, rather than fight driving around” or  “if you like seascapes and dolphin sightings this trip is for you” that makes it true that the trip is more than just a shortcut or a transit option. 

While your car gets carried across the big blue bay you can relax in comfort while inching closer to the next stop on your daycation. Take in the breath taking views, learn about the bay history, or have a beer or wine on the top deck in the fresh sea air. It’s a functional outing in that it moves you forward to your destination all the while creating lasting memories and relaxing you along the way.

Saves time

Driving for hours through concrete jungles, city suburbs, never ending highways can be bad enough, throw in traffic delays and goodbye calm, relaxing daycation. If planning to enjoy the most of what your big day out was going to provide then ensuring you allow more time actually doing things than driving to them should be the highest priority.

You can not put a price on the minutes and seconds you will be able to save and use on important aspects of your trip, which is why utilising the 40 minute ferry journey between Queenscliff & Sorrento can go a long way to being the most productive and efficient part of your next daycation.

So if you want to see great parts of our state in just a single day but spend more time out of the car than in it, a trip overseas could be the best decision you make.

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