Port Phillip Bay Ferry
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Searoad Shuttle

The Searoad Shuttle operates on select dates & times during peak periods, connecting the ferry terminals to the townships of Sorrento, Pt Nepean, Quarantine Station and Portsea on the Mornington Peninsula, and Queenscliff, Pt Lonsdale and Pt Lonsdale Lighthouse on the Bellarine. 

Geelong and Bellarine residents and visitors can enjoy a day outing at the Portsea Pub or visit Point Nepean National Park. 

Visitors from the Mornington Peninsula and Sorrento will be able to disembark the ferry and embark on a day trip discovering the quaint seaside villages of Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale. 

$5 each time you hop on the shuttle.


Searoad Shuttle Timetable


2nd January 2024 - 28th January 2024

Shuttle FAQ's

Where does the Shuttle go to and from?

The shuttle service will depart from both the Sorrento and Queenscliff Terminals approximately 10 minutes after the arrival of the ferry, to give passengers time to disembark and get to the shuttle.

  • From Sorrento Ferry Terminal the shuttle will make the following stops – Pt Nepean/Quarantine Station; Portsea Hotel; Sorrento Township

  • From Queenscliff Ferry Terminal the shuttle will make the following stops
    – Queenscliff Post Office; Pt Lonsdale Foreshore; Pt Lonsdale Lighthouse; BIG4 Beacon Resort, Vue Grand Hotel,

When will the shuttle operate?

The shuttle is operating this summer from 2nd January, 2024

How often will the shuttle operate?

See the time table above

How much does it cost?

The cost is $5 per person each time you hop on the bus.


Hop on at Queenscliff ferry terminal, jump off at the Pt Lonsdale Lighthouse - $5  |  Hop on at the Pt Lonsdale Post Office, jump off at the Vue Grande, Queenscliff- $5

Hop on at Sorrento Ferry Terminal, jump off at Portsea Pub - $5  |  Hop on at Portsea Pub, jump off at Sorrento Ferry Terminal - $5

How can I buy a ticket?

All tickets are purchased as you board the bus. Payment is by card - tap to pay or cash.

Can I get on and off the shuttle at any stop?
Yes, you can. Once you disembark, you will need to purchase another ticket upon re-boarding.
Can the shuttle drop me off anywhere between stops?
For safety reasons and to remain on schedule, the shuttle cannot drop passengers off at stops other than those listed on the timetable.
Are the vehicles wheelchair accessible?
Please note that whilst we have a fleet of modern, comfortable vehicles (ranging from 13 to 21 seats) these are not modified to be wheelchair accessible. There are a number of steps leading to the main cabin which you will need to be able to manage these unassisted. For safety reasons we are only able to store fully collapsible wheelchairs on board. Please advise if you are bringing a collapsible wheelchair along, as we would need to book an additional seat and ensure we have the correct equipment with us on the day to secure it, so it does not pose a safety issue for you or any of your fellow passengers. Not all attractions visited on tour are wheelchair accessible. Please contact our customer service team prior to booking so we can assist you.
Can I take my bike, surfboard or luggage on the shuttle?
Unfortunately, the shuttle does not have space for bikes, surfboards or large luggage/suitcases.
How will I recognise the shuttle bus?

The shuttle bus is operated by Explore Australia Tours and will have the Searoad Shuttle logo in the window and on the side of the bus.

Is there a discount for concession, seniors or children?
No, all seats are $5 each time you hop on the bus.

Partners in Queenscliff

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