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A Car Ferry Tale

A Car Ferry Tale

Searoad Ferries an inspiration for children’s book

Tales of sea travel have long motivated writers and illustrators, and Searoad Ferries have provided inspiration for a beautiful new book called The Car Fairy. The gorgeous children’s book contains a lovely story about a boy who did not want to catch a car fairy, and his father who did. The picture book is delightfully illustrated by 12-year old Piper from Lancefield and written by Anne Norman, who grew up on the Mornington Peninsula. The story was inspired by Anne’s two year old nephew, who excitedly told her about catching a car fairy from Sorrento.

A few months later, in a very long queue waiting for a car ferry to Saaremaa Island in the Baltic Sea, Anne started to write. The collaboration with Anne and Piper evolved when the young illustrator was just nine years old. She heard Anne, a family friend reading the story aloud and decided she would like to draw pictures to illustrate it. Over the course of a few years, Piper sent various drawings to Anne, before she decided upon water colour backgrounds with paper cut outs tacked on.

Like Anne, Piper has a strong connection to Searoad Ferries and uses it to sail across the bay to visit her cousins during school holidays. To help promote the new book, both Anne and Piper conducted activities aboard Searoad Ferries during the 2018 September school holidays.

Copies of the book are available for purchase aboard Searoad Ferries and at the ferry terminal in Queenscliff.