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The best accommodation in Victoria and it’s FREE!

You know that feeling after a long holiday of longing to be in your own bed? It's as if the mattress wraps its arms around you and says, "welcome home buddy, I missed you".  Well, we have found the perfect accommodation for you on your next Victorian vacation and, best of all, it’s completely FREE*. This local accommodation is custom suited to your every desire.

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What is a Daycation

What is a daycation? It is probably the most precise term to articulate how Victorians will be holidaying in 2021. Day trip, micro holiday, a day out, road trip, quick getaway, whatever you like to call it, it will be the new trend in Victorian tourism. Gone are the days of planning for months the dream vacation or the yearly holiday, for a daily press conference, can throw everything into...

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Bellarine Food & Wine Day Trip

One of the key ingredients in a good food & wine daycation is tasting as many wines as possible. Do you know what the greatest thing about the bellarine peninsula is? Some of the top wineries are located within a stones throw from each other, meaning more time tasting & less time driving. The Northern Bellarine wine region is surrounded by amazing views of rolling hills colliding...

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Why the ferry is an integral part of your next daycation

Time is arguably the most valuable commodity on any good holiday, making sure you maximise every last second fitting in all things you wish to see and do. When it comes to day trips its no different, time can be as much on your side as it is against you. You have all the time in the world to plan as many daycations as you wish, but you have a finite time, a day, for each individual...

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Mornington Peninsula Distillery & Brewery Day trip

One of the worst kept secrets is how good the craft breweries and distilleries are on the Mornington Peninsula, however, one of the best-kept secrets is how to do the best of them in a day! A ferry ride across the bay will allow you to start the sampling of local brews. Head on down to Tar Barrel in Mornington, the original home of Mornington Peninsula Brewery, where you can...

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