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Anglesea Golf Club

Anglesea Golf Club is 1.5 hours from Melbourne and 1 hours drive from Queenscliff. The Club is set in the beautiful hinterland of the Great Ocean Road and is home to over 300 Eastern Grey Kangaroos. Since 2015, Anglesea Golf Club has been hosting 25-minute guided Kangaroo Tours which attract visitors from around the world. As capacities grow, careful planning ensures a safe nature-based tour is offered, alongside playing golfers. Our 14 seat electric vehicles are driven by specially trained volunteer drivers who'll take you on pretty tracks around the golf course. They'll share interesting facts about the kangaroo's life cycles and stop at favourite spots for photos. You'll be "up close and personal" with these amazing Australian marsupials and you might even see a baby "Joey" kangaroo, peeking from mum's pouch. Come for a meal or coffee stop, before or after your visit. Fun for couples, families and all ages.