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Otway Brewing

Welcome to Otway Brewing, home of Handcrafted Beers and Forbidden Fruit Ciders, where we strive to create the best beer possible by using high-quality ingredients. Located in the Otways, we are blessed with pure Otway rainwater from the lush rainforest and it is well known that you need good water to make good beer. Try the difference yourself!

The Otways inspire us to produce beer in an environmentally responsible way, so we’ve implemented a number of green initiatives at the brewery to lessen our footprint. We harvest rainwater for use at the brewery and produce solar electricity to supplement the use of grid electricity. We also donate our spent grain to local farmers who use it as animal fodder.

At Otway Brewing, we believe that beer is diverse in its colour, aroma and flavour and is not just limited to “yellow fizzy stuff”. We create beers to match an appearance, aroma and flavour profile – not a budget – so we use the best ingredients we can find. Our repertoire of exciting beer recipes continuously grows and we’re always keen to try something new.

Keep an eye out for our Otway Brewing Bus at various events across Victoria to try our refreshing craft beer!